Sun Dec 4, 2016

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Upper East Side Attorneys

Welcome to the Upper East Side Attorneys section, which contains businesses in 10022, 10065, 10021, 10075, 10028 and 10128 zip codes.  In this section you will find all Upper East Side attorneys and law firms.  Click on any business to obtain additional information and to pinpoint its location on the map or scroll down to view lawyers by block.  Be sure to hold your mouse over businesses in bold italics for a special pop-up description.

Park Avenue

Lexington Avenue

3rd Avenue

EastEnd Avenue

59th Street

60th Street

61st Street

63rd Street

64th Street

65th Street

66th Street

67th Street

68th Street

69th Street

72nd Street

73rd Street

74th Street

76th Street

78th Street

79th Street

81st Street

82nd Street

83rd Street

85th Street

87th Street

91st Street

96th Street