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Your Gift to FRIENDS Will Help Stop Two Outrageous Proposals

Friends of the Upper East Side - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 17:04

Frick Axon_green1010 Park

Dear friends,

In recent months, building proposals for two exceptionally important sites on the Upper East Side burst into the news: an enormous addition proposed for the FRICK COLLECTION and a new apartment tower next to the PARK AVENUE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

These two proposals remind us how important landmark protections are to our neighborhood, and how astonishingly insensitive development proposals can be. Despite 50 years of experience since our Landmarks Law was passed, and despite the spectacular success of historic districts like ours, naysayers still challenge the values and even the legitimacy of preservation.

That’s where FRIENDS comes in. From the micro – the examination of alterations to your favorite storefront – to the macro, an owner’s challenge to the constitutionality of the Landmarks Law itself, FRIENDS speaks up and speaks for YOU.

Happily, our work at FRIENDS is not always so defensive. We are also intensely proactive, completing this year a photographic survey of all the buildings between Lexington Avenue and the East River, from 59th Street to 96th Street, nearly 200 blocks and thousands of structures. We undertook the survey in anticipation of the many changes that are likely to come with the completion of the Second Avenue Subway, and in recognition of the threat posed by the outrageous “supertowers” cropping up in Midtown.

And, we have our very popular education program for children, whom our founder, Halina Rosenthal, called “low-rise people.” Indeed! We proudly teach over 1,200 children from East 57th Street to East Harlem every year.

Your financial support is critical to all these efforts, providing about 20% of our modest annual budget. We depend on concerned citizens like YOU so that we can be an effective advocate, and are very grateful for your support.

If you believe in the livability and sense of place of the Upper East Side, please consider making a year-end donation today.

Warmest wishes to all,

Franny Signature



Franny Eberhart President


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2015 Annual Awards — Call For Entries

Friends of the Upper East Side - Wed, 11/26/2014 - 12:48

The Board of Officers Room at the Park Avenue Armory, winner of the 2014 Renaissance Award

This spring, FRIENDS of the Upper East Side Historic Districts will celebrate outstanding achievement in preservation, architecture, and advocacy on the Upper East Side during our Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony.

The award categories are flexible and can vary each year. Among other areas of accomplishment, previous winners  have demonstrated excellence in Restoration, Rehabilitation, Design, and Stewardship.  Individuals and advocacy groups who have displayed extraordinary achievement in the field of preservation are also eligible.

FRIENDS seeks nominations for both architecture and advocacy. The awards committee will consider all submissions, large and small, that have furthered the cause of maintaining the special sense of place of the Upper East Side.   Please read our eligibility requirements below and submit nominations by January 9, 2014.


  1. Projects must be located between 59th and 110th Streets, and between 5th Avenue and the East River, including Central Park.
  2. Projects must have been substantially completed between December 1, 2013 and December 1, 2014.
  3. Only the exteriors of architectural projects and/or historically significant interiors will be considered.
  4. Preservation projects should be for restoration, rehabilitation, or adaptive re-use of historic buildings (including Post World War II architecture). The buildings may be located either in or out of the historic districts.
  5. New construction is also eligible.
  6. Individuals or advocacy groups must have contributed to the preservation of the Upper East Side’s built environment.
  1. Data Sheet (click here to download).
  2. Photographs (or color copies of photographs): Any size black and white and/or color images. For historic buildings, include historic photographs and before-and-after images.
  3. Minimum of 4-6 digital images on a CD (may be same images as photographs).
  4. If the project is located within one of the six historic districts on the Upper East Side or is an individual landmark, include Landmarks Preservation Commission Permit Letter.
  5. Drawings and/or text as necessary to explain project and/or communicate design intention.
  6. Any other information necessary to explain the project.
Contact mhall@friends-ues.org for more information, or click here to download the nomination form.


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Thanksgiving Heating Instructions & Ingredients List

Now that you've ordered from our Thanksgiving menu (right?), you might want to get a sneak peak at our heating instructions for your meal, or possibly would like an extended list of ingredients! Well, look no further: You can download & print a copy of our Heating Instructions here, and the list of ingredients in our Thanksgiving offerings can be downloaded & printed here.We look forward to serving you this week!
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Force Majeure

Upper East Side Theater - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 00:05
            This new foreign drama is an absorbing look a family fractured by one quick decision while on a ski vacation. Tomas and Ebba are staying at a beautiful ski resort high in the Alps with their two small children Vera and Harry. The film is divided into the days of the family vacation and when an unexpected turn of events occurs on the second day, everything changes.             The acting is excellent as gender and family roles are examined by both Tomas and Ebba as well as their friends who come to visit. The film is very dramatic but their are moments of comic relief that break the growing tension.                Impressive cinematography both in the exteriors and inside the resort make for a beautiful backdrop for this very human drama that will easily lend itself to post viewing discussions.
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The Theory of Everything

Upper East Side Theater - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 20:41
            The story of the physicist Stephen Hawking has "Oscar" written all over it. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are both wonderful as Professor Hawking and his first love, Jane. The screenplay focuses solely on their relationship and "sells" the film as a remarkable love story.             When they first meet in college, Hawking shows no signs of the the disease that will end up crippling him for life. He is a brilliant student with a sharp wit and Jane falls rather easily in love. When he is diagnosed with ALS, Jane's love is so strong, she stands by her man, marries him and promises to fight the disease together.               While the love story is touching and very emotional, the film itself is very episodic and doesn't go into great detail about Hawking's medical condition or his work. The fact that when he is first diagnosed in his twenties, given two years to live, and yet is still with us in his seventies is remarkable. The film would have you believe it is Jane's love alone that keeps him alive. There is no mention of anything medical except for a hospital stay when he develops pneumonia.               Mr. Redmayne physical transformation as Hawking's body continues to fail him is amazing. He captures every nuance in the loss of his limbs and speech and yet still conveys the brilliance and wit of the man trapped in a deteriorating body. It's a performance so good, it hides the deficiencies in the screenplay. After such an emotional story, the turn of events in the last act are a betrayal to the audience as well as to the characters. Unfortunately its a true story so the events are real but we can only speculate on the reasons behind them. A coda at the end softens the blow but for film about "everything", too much was left out.
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Tis the Season For Parties, But Your Rosacea Is Ruining the Fun

Dr. Leslie Gerstman's Blog - Thu, 11/20/2014 - 19:52

The first snowflakes of the season are falling, Santa has made his appearance at the local mall, and Christmas lights are starting to light up the night. The holidays are just around the corner. That means holiday work functions, ugly Christmas sweater parties with friends, and family get-togethers. You’ve always loved the holidays, but this […]

The post Tis the Season For Parties, But Your Rosacea Is Ruining the Fun appeared first on Dr. Leslie Gerstman.

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December 9th: Georg Jensen Book Talk

Friends of the Upper East Side - Thu, 11/20/2014 - 10:49

Jensen PicGeorg JensenA Book Talk

Georg Jensena new book by renowned entrepreneur and design curator Murray Moss explores the illustrious history of the preeminent luxury silver brand. Founded in 1904 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the well-known silversmith quickly expanded all over the world. The company has had a presence in New York City since the 1920s and their shop on Madison Avenue has become a fixture on the Upper East Side. Mr. Moss will discuss his new book, which provides a privileged look at some of the most stunning products the company has produced to date.

Tuesday, December 9th 6:30 p.m.

Scandinavia House, 58 Park Avenue

$15 members, $20 non-members

Presented in Partnership with Scandinavia House

Click HERE to purchase tickets.


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Thanksgiving for vegans? We've got you covered!

Thanks to cravedujour.com for the mention!If you don't have a copy of our Thanksgiving Menu yet, get it now! You can download a copy here. You can also pick up a copy at Butterfield Market.The deadline for orders is this Friday 11/21 by 5pm.We look forward to hearing from you!
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Upper East Side Theater - Sun, 11/16/2014 - 20:16
     Jake Gyllenhaal stars as this year's creepiest character. A cross between Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) and Rupert  Pupkin (The King of Comedy), he slithers his way through the LA nights as a "photo journalist" looking for the bloodiest accidents and crime scenes he can find to sell to the local TV station. A true "nightcrawler".         His character, Louis Bloom is introduced to us as a petty thief. Through a series of events, he soon finds himself, video camera by his side, racing through the night with his police scanner announcing his next big payoff. Louis is a sociopath and it's what makes him so good at his new found profession. He hires an "intern" played by Riz Ahmed, promising him a good job review with a promotion and a raise. Mr. Ahmed plays dimwitted beautifully and his character is both tragic and comic relief.           Rene Russo (so good to see her on screen again) plays the midnight shift news director who buys Lou's videos (if it bleeds, it leads).  In many ways, they are perfect for each other and the chemistry between the actors is terrific. Bill Paxton also co-stars as a rival nightcrawler.            The story is dark and filled with tension as the stakes are raised with each news worthy story. Lines are crossed when reporting the news blurs into manipulating the news and watching the film is like watching a train wreck. You want to turn away but you can't help yourself. Mr. Gyllenhaal owns the screen and is magnetic, his eyes popping out of his head, focused solely on getting the story at all costs. It's a fantastic performance in a film that made me want to take a shower after it ended...to wash off the dirt and slime.
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Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles Before The Holidays With Juvederm

Dr. Leslie Gerstman's Blog - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 10:40

As the holidays approach and you prepare for the annual family gatherings, office parties and other festive engagements, you want to look your best. You shopped until you found the perfect holiday wardrobe and you’ve bought some amazing jewelry and accessories. When you try on the entire ensemble at home and look in the mirror, everything looks perfect. Except […]

The post Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles Before The Holidays With Juvederm appeared first on Dr. Leslie Gerstman.

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ADVOCACY UPDATE: Recent Frick expansion coverage from the New York Times

Friends of the Upper East Side - Tue, 11/11/2014 - 12:02



On Sunday Robin Pogrebin at the New York Times published an article about the Frick expansion, bringing to light a statement from the museum’s testimony before the landmarks Preservation Commission in 1973:

“The Frick Collection has decided to abandon its long-range plans for a wing covering the three vacant lots,” the museum said in the documents from 1973, “thus enabling the proposed garden to become a permanent feature instead of the interim garden.”

The article also quoted FRIENDS:

“Among the groups that have voiced their disapproval are the Historic Districts Council, which reviews presentations on landmark properties headed for the landmarks commission, and Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts. In September, the friends group wrote a letter to the Frick likening its garden to the White House lawn. “It can be fully appreciated, in all its majesty,” the group said, “without stepping foot inside the gate.””

Click here to read the article in the NYT.

To learn more and voice your opinion, visit Unite to Save the Frick.


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Exilis Elite Double Chin Treatment Provides a Slim, Toned Appearance for the Jawline and Upper Neck

Dr. Leslie Gerstman's Blog - Mon, 11/10/2014 - 11:00

Do you cringe when you look in the mirror and see an extra chin? It used to be that the only way to get rid of a double chin was to lose a lot of weight and hope that the extra fat left that area of the body. Unfortunately, this method is far from effective. […]

The post Exilis Elite Double Chin Treatment Provides a Slim, Toned Appearance for the Jawline and Upper Neck appeared first on Dr. Leslie Gerstman.

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Upper East Side Theater - Sun, 11/09/2014 - 19:42
         It's ironic that "The Theory of Everything" opened on the same day as "interstellar". Only Stephen Hawking could possibly decipher all the quantum physics thrown at us by writer/director Christopher Nolan (and his co-writer, brother). The film is stuffed with grand scientific theories and ideas but to Mr. Nolan's credit, he grounds it in emotional relationships. Unfortunately he also "borrows" quite liberally from the plot of "2010" and a bit from it's prequel, "2001:A Space Odyssey"            The strongest bond is between Cooper and his daughter Murphy played by Matthew McConaughey and Mackenzie Foy. Unfortunately, their relationship is so well defined and important to the story that the one between Cooper and his son is almost non-existent. Cooper is a farmer sometime in the future when the earth is dying. Conveniently, he used to be a NASA pilot and given the chance to save the earth, he jumps at the opportunity and leaves his family behind.           Mr. Nolan has grandiose ideas that look wonderful on screen but he is so caught up in his vision that he makes too many sacrifices along the way. Cheesy dialogue runs throughout and a Dylan Thomas poem that has great impact the first time we hear it, is repeated ad nausem.  The emotional impact of the finale is weakened by the "head scratching" science fiction preceding it. Particular choices by the actors are sometimes very questionable. A unbilled "A list" actor shows up during an important part of the film and only serves to create a distraction.           Besides Mr. McConaughey (who is so well cast), the film also stars Ann Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Topher Grace, John Lithgow, Wes Bentley and Michael Caine. It's a reliable cast doing good work but it's those early scenes between Cooper and Murphy that set the tone and really resonant throughout the film.           The cinematography is spectacular, especially in IMAX and there are thrilling sequences that will have you on the edge of your seat but the film left me regretting failing physics  in college. I probably would have appreciated it much more.
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Red Tricycle: Butterfield Market Offers More Than Turkey

We'd like to thank Red Tricycle for the mention in yesterday's blog! Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year for us, as we are one of the best-known options in NYC for having Thanksgiving delivered directly to your front door.As mentioned in Red Tricycle's blog post, we're taking orders until 11/21 at 5pm. You can download and print a copy of our Thanksgiving Menu here, or feel free to stop in at Butterfield Market (1114 Lexington Ave, New York, NY), or Butterfield Kitchen (346 E 92nd Street, New York, NY) to grab a copy of the menu. We look forward to serving you!
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Featured In This Week's New York Times: Butterfield Express Dougnuts!

Two days ago, Butterfield Express was mentioned in the NY Times as a place to check out for their unique doughnuts:Thanks to our friend Susan for finding the article!
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Upper East Side Theater - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 10:26
     Credit writer/director David Ayer for taking five stereotyped characters, blending them together in the tight, claustrophobic space of a WW II tank (christened "Fury") and making us care deeply about them for a little over two hours.      Brad Pitt stars as "Wardaddy", the tough as nails Sergeant keeping his misfit tank crew alive through the waning days of World War Two. His crew consists of Shia LeBeouf (the religious zealot), Michael Pena ( the minority Mexican), Jon Bernthal (the psychopath) and Logan Lerman as the rookie. It doesn't take long before we are caught up in the mud, blood, and carnage they face as they clear the way for the advancing U.S. troops into Germany.      Mr. Ayer doesn't hold back on the horrors of war, giving the viewer the gory reality of sudden death and dismemberment. There are some terrific battle sequences, in particular, a tank battle shot as a heavy metal dance of death. The camera takes us right into the claustrophobic  belly of "Fury". You can smell the body odors, oil, grease and cigarette smoke. And more importantly, the fear. The men of this tank crew are not superheroes. They have been thrown together in a rolling death trap and asked to do the impossible.         The acting is first rate and each actor rises above his stereotype. Besides the one strange interlude midway through the film, they spend the majority of their time in and around the tank. Sitting in the dark theater, you can almost feel yourself right there with them and that happens when script, actors, and director mix perfectly to envelope the viewer in the story and the characters.         My one complaint involves the timeline of a particular sequence but it's a minor one I can forgive when everything else has been almost perfect. "Fury" is not easy entertainment but it does it's job and honors the memory of every tank crew that lived or died defending our freedom.
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