Mon Dec 5, 2016

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Fred Smith Plumbing & Heating

Address: 1674 1st Avenue
Block: 1st Avenue between 87th & 88th
Phone: 212-744-1300
Website: http://www.fredsmithplumbing.com/

White glove plumbing and heating services to New York’s finest buildings for more than 100 years!

You don't handle over 1,200 emergency calls a month successfully without teamwork. At Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating, that teamwork stems from the tightly orchestrated efforts of our executive team, eight field supervisors and nearly 100 mechanics and helpers. What really sets every one of these people apart is their interest in and concern for the needs of Upper East Siders. Around here, job satisfaction is drawn from customer satisfaction and work that’s well done.

Over 800 of New York’s luxury residential buildings, 80 of the most prestigious real estate management companies, and countless private tenants (as well as many institutions and private schools) rely on Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating every day. The reason is trust. They trust us to do what we say we will. To be there when they need us. And to arrive with the experience and expertise needed to get the job done right the first time.

- “White-shoe” service at competitive prices
- The best service 24 hours a day
- Family-owned since 1914
- Community-focused on the Upper East Side



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From The Franklin Report: " ... The professionals at Fred Smith––known informally as the "rocket scientists" of plumbing––lend their NASA-level expertise to both small and large jobs at all phases of the plumbing process. The company brings 85 years of experience and one of its nine field supervisors to troubleshoot and assess each job, free of charge, before sending the mechanic. Led by principal Phillip Kraus, the firm reportedly can "adjust to anything" and consistently delivers efficient, top-quality work. Based right in the heart of the city, we're told Fred Smith keeps service technicians in reserve to ensure a quick response time ... " View the full Franklin Report on Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating


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+ Roof Tank Cleaning
+ Pump Repair
+ Fire Suppression
+ Drain Cleaning
+ High Pressure Steam
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