Mon Dec 5, 2016

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Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill runs south to north from 59th to 79th streets and west to east from Second Avenue to York Avenue.  Lenox Hill has been dubbed ‘The Other East Side” by the New York Times, but is a livelier alternative for those who want Upper East Side status without the old-money pricetag.  Residents are a mix of ages, ethnicities and backgrounds from recent grads to the deeply-rooted older inhabitants, remnants of the UES immigrant population.  Many people moving in are in their 20s & 30s and want all the 24-hour benefits of city life like grocery shopping at midnight and easy access to the variety of hopping bars and restaurants lining the avenues.  With the advent of new brand name retailers along 3rd Avenue and Bridgemarket—a renovated area under the 59th St. Bridge that houses a Food Emporium, Conran’s and a Starbucks, residents don’t need to leave the neighborhood to do their shopping.  See the Uppereast.com Lenox Hill profile for more information.

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