Mon Dec 5, 2016

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Horrible Management Company- Rude attitude is BEYOND belief


 - This is absolutely the worst apartment building I have ever rented in NYC. The staff is extremely rude and the management is run like the mafia with little respect and care for the tenants. There is a lady named Leslie who runs the management company and she is the nastiest and rudest person I have ever dealt with. The super acts like he owns the building and is extremely macho to the point of being misogynistic. The door guys are so afraid of loosing their jobs that they will do nothing to help the tenants and will only answer to the management company. Do not expect any service if you live in this building because it is run like a union that only protects the rights of the staff. They are especially rude towards women and I would not recommend a single woman live here if she doesn't want the staff to bully her and her friends. The super will go as far as kick friends of tenants out of the lobby and they have a very aggressive attitude towards everyone who enters the buildings. Some of the door guys do not even answer the phone when you call down and they get really moody and will not greet tenants that are on "their bad side." I am a very laid back person and all the door men in past buildings I have lived in have been really friendly and nice to me so I am completely shocked this type of behavior goes on...it is probably because they know it is NYC and there is always someone else to move. Such a shame this is how many of these buildings are run. I have lived in several buildings in NYC and was shocked when I realized how I'm spending money for doormen to be rude and they certainly do not make things easy for the tenants. Renoir House Association