Mon Dec 5, 2016

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Stunning New York Urban Retreat With a Glamorous Past

Paul Rudolph designed a stunning New York Urban Retreat at 101 East 63rd Street and now we can draw inspiration from the interiors and details of the magnificent residential structure.

Stunning NY Urban Retreat, Upper East Side NY

Redesigned in the 1960s by talented architect Paul Rudolph, this 19th-century carriage house in Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City received a new modern skin in the shape of a four story steel and glass modern residence.

Architect’s Rudolph design remained mostly intact during all these years, with a few changes done by the last inhabitant, German-born industrialist and photographer Gunter Sachs: the wall-to-wall carpeting transformed into white-oak floors and the mezzanine and catwalk were given beautiful balustrades.

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