Fri Dec 9, 2016

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$150K Dalí Painting Jacked From Upper East Side Gallery

Galleristas must have thought their eyeballs were melting. But no, a man really did walk into Venus Over Manhattan Art Gallery on Manhattan's Upper East Side and steal a Salvador Dalí painting without being caught. You might even call the whole incident surreal. (Art joke!)

Police say a man removed the 11-inch "Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio" from the wall, placed the watercolor in a black shopping bag, and walked out. Security cameras depict the thief as the 35- to 45-years-old with a receding hairline — rather attractive, I should say. I cannot say the same for his taste in Surrealist art. The jacked Dalí is a mess of sloppy reds, browns and black. Alas, it's a sloppy mess worth $150,000.  Read More