Fri Dec 9, 2016

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The Upper East Side Informer

Check out this week's top news stories for the Upper East Side.

Upper East Side Co-Op Tries to Evict Elderly Man's 'Dangerous' Dog

Some say this pup is a real-life Oscar the Grouch.  The board of a posh Upper East Side co-op claims that Oscar, a 7-year-old chow and golden retriever mix, has repeatedly attacked residents — and now the board is trying to boot the dog from the building, according to recent court documents.  But Oscar's owner, 83-year-old Edgar Brandau, counters that his pup only raises a paw when provoked and that the East 68th Street co-op is overreacting.


Branching Out From the Altar

I DON’T KNOW who’s mixing the soundtrack at the sleek new Monique Lhuillier boutique just off Madison Avenue, but I was amused to hear that old standard “Everything She Wants” (Wham!, 1984) bleating from the loudspeakers.  Ms. Lhuillier, you see, has made her fortune designing for brides. And her spacious second-floor salon devoted to them is a zone otherwise expunged of all cynicism: Racks of five-figure frocks, some daisy-encrusted as if straight from the party scene in “A Place in the Sun” (there were also some daring, modern short ones). China, stationery and the odd tiara. Plus an endless loop of well-preserved mothers plunking themselves down in armchairs to inspect their starry-eyed offspring.


Harlem Mobile Fashion Boutique Causes Worry on Upper East Side

A Harlem entrepreneur selling threads from the back of a converted truck has some Upper East Siders fearing she'll start a trend that will drive straight into their neighborhood.  Nneka Green-Ingram, a city bus driver, doubles as a street stylist by selling fashion from her mobile boutique Celebrities on 125th Street.  But her business savvy has some on the Upper East Side worried that she'll start a trend that will see mobile shops invading their neighborhood streets.


Upper East Side Beauty Hot Spots

Earlier this fall, we gave you a list of our favorite Midtown Beauty Hot Spots to visit when in need of a quick fix. Our next stop is the beautiful Upper East Side, which is lined with a dizzying array of beauty spots to choose from. So we've come up with a list of six of our favorites go-tos for nails, hair, and the ultimate spa pampering. Sometimes decision making can be hard, so we've done the work for you. Next time you find yourself wandering in the line of the New York socialite and Gossip Girl, in need of a massage, a manicure, or a cut (you are on the U.E.S., after all), look no further than this list.


Is the Oldest Upper East Side Building on Fifth Avenue Worth Saving?

For the oldest building on Fifth Avenue between 59th and 110th streets, No. 815 isn’t much to look at. The original Italianate design, erected in 1870-71, was disfigured when Verna Scott Cushman hired architects Murgatroyd & Ogden to ”upgrade” the structure in 1923, and it’s never been quite the same since. An Upper East Side historic district designation report written in 1981 describes the present style as “none.”